Pathway Guidance

Someone to talk to

When you study with Navitas English, you can also talk to one of our Pathway Guidance Advisors. They can support you with any personal, emotional and practical problems you might have while you are studying. Pathway Guidance Advisors are available everywhere we offer our Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) classes.

Our Pathway Guidance Advisors offer the following services:

  • welcoming you and explaining your rights and responsibilities
  • developing your skills for your short and long-term career goals
  • assisting in finding employment and/or education options for you after your AMEP classes finish
  • talking about how to deal with problems you might have in the future
  • learning skills for everyday work situations
  • face-to-face or telephone course planning and study pathways
  • helping you with document translation and with Concession Opal card (MyWay card in the ACT) issues
  • talking about any issues you have with your AMEP classes
  • referring you to other personal support services or programs; for example, to help with your finances, homelessness or other issues
  • referring you to other services, for example, employment, legal, medical, accommodation and financial services
  • helping with your resume and cover letters for job applications and/or volunteer opportunities
  • recommending you for SLPET vocational courses, if you meet the criteria for the course
  • supporting you to transfer your credit from previous education
  • offering youth programs so that young people can get started on their careers
  • running group training and workshops in class to assist your teachers on different topics
  • working with teachers when students have trouble coming to class.

To find out more, kindly call us at 1300 798 111 or email at

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