Learning with Technology

Technology that brings lessons to life

When you study with Navitas English, you will use digital technology in all of our courses. Using iPads, virtual reality headsets and other technology in class means you can learn when it suits you, and in ways that help you remember lessons easily. It also means you get the important digital skills needed for Australian workplaces. And, of course, technology also helps you connect with other students, so that you can support each other and stay in touch.


We use the following in our digital learning:

  • virtual reality (VR), giving you the chance to see other places in the world and experience new skills and employment possibilities
  • online resources, so your learning can be tailored to your needs
  • a learning hub that lets you work on specific skills to settle more easily in Australia, including learning skills for jobs
  • access to technology such as iPads and Chromebooks, so they become familiar and you find them easy to use.


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