Navitas English Volunteer awarded LVRC's Outstanding Volunteer Award for 2020!

Posted by on 11 December 2020

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Navitas English is proud to announce that volunteer tutor Steve Demetriou has been awarded the Liverpool Volunteer Resource Centre’s “Outstanding Volunteer Award” for 2020!

Steve was recognised for his contribution and dedication to supporting and mentoring Bankstown clients in the Adult English Migrant Program (AMEP).

A son of immigrants, Steve is no stranger to the struggle experienced by non-English speakers during their initial settlement in Australia. Going above and beyond the weekly hour of English language tuition, Steve has invested many hours of his time to mentor and support his charges.

This type of individualised support has been invaluable in helping his clients gain confidence and have a better life in Australia. “I get a lot of personal satisfaction from Volunteering. I love the mentoring and teaching process, it’s a valuable resource we have in this country. Now I’m retired and have time, I’m more than happy to give something back. I enjoy what I do” said Steve.

Steve’s first client, Usep Zein, an Indonesian native, was lacking in confidence with his speaking skills when he started the AMEP program. Over time with Steve’s help and encouragement, Usep gained the confidence to apply for a position at Liverpool hospital.

Steve worked with Usep, helping him to complete the application and conducted mock interviews. As a result, Usep was offered a position and within a few months received a promotion. Steve continues to support Usep with language skills that he needs for the workplace.

Another client, Bashir is a young Afghani refugee who was forced to flee his home country at the age of 17. Steve began tutoring Bashir as an employment mentor. He purchased a bicycle for Bashir so he would have a means of transport and taught him how to use the roads safely.

Steve worked closely with Bashir on his literacy and numeracy skills to prepare him for entry to a TAFE electrician course. Steve also assisted Bashir to prepare for the skills test for a driver’s license, which he passed on his first attempt.

He then guided Bashir through the process of purchasing his first car. Over the past 6 months, Steve’s support and friendship have given Bashir a lot of confidence and the ability to see a good future for himself in Australia.

Congratulations Steve and thank you for all that you do to support and guide our clients.

If you know anyone that would like to be a Volunteer and work with Navitas English contact us here.

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