Navitas English PD Day 2019

Posted by on 15 October 2019


At Navitas English, we understand that the foundation of our strength in providing quality outcomes for our clients lies within our staff and partners. Our teams were treated to a range of skills development sessions at our Professional Development Day on Friday, which centred on the theme ‘Celebrate Belonging: Connect, Learn, Inspire’.


Leaders in our business and the sector – from representatives of the Commonwealth Government to the CEO of our Careers and Industry Division within Navitas - came together for the opening plenary.


Following this, staff attended a series of breakout sessions. A wide range of topics were covered, from harnessing Google’s GeoTools to techniques that enable wellbeing in the classroom. Our sessions were delivered by inspiring staff who are innovative in their areas of expertise and are focussed on equipping and empowering our teams to improve outcomes for our clients and partners.


Jetinder Macfarlane, Director Navitas English reflected on the successful event “It was wonderful to see the whole Navitas English team come together to share best practice and to open our minds to new ways of motivating our clients, building their confidence and skills and assisting them on their journey to settlement, further training and employment. We have the advantage of having a diverse team within Navitas English but a key component that we all share is the passion for what we do and the opportunities we create for our clients.”


We celebrate belonging because it’s such an important part of the learning experience. How do you see belonging celebrated around you – whether it’s in the classroom, in the workplace or your community?


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