Navitas English drills fire safety with Fire and Rescue New South Wales

Posted by on 6 January 2021

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Students are now much safer in their homes thanks to Navitas English’s ongoing partnership with Fire and Rescue New South Wales (Fire and Rescue NSW).

Navitas English has been working closely with Fire and Rescue NSW since 2017 to help raise awareness around safety and fire prevention. During November and December 2020, online workshops reached over 350 students and staff to promote key home fire safety messages with a particular focus on working smoke alarms, calling 000, safe cooking practices and evacuating.

This information is so important for new migrants in Australia whose low English skills can make even small tasks like calling 000 extremely daunting. Navitas English trainers are then able to support students to improve their English language skills by applying them to a real world setting.

Genevieve Lewis, Navitas English’s Stakeholder Engagement Manager, said:

“It is so important to support newly arrived refugees and migrants and introduce them to services in Australia and most importantly, provide practical useful advice to keep them safe at home.

“Workshops like these play a crucial role in our students’ settlement journey and I extend my thanks to Fire and Rescue NSW for continuing to support Navitas English.”

David Weir, Fire and Rescue NSW’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Coordinator, added:

“The students displayed great interest in our capabilities and were very keen to take advantage of our online information sessions to ask relevant questions about home fire safety. 

“This partnership with Navitas continues to ensure that at risk groups are better prepared within their properties in the event an incident occurs.”

Since the sessions students have reached out to the fire service to ensure that their homes are safe and crews have been able to schedule home visits to install new smoke alarms and conduct fire safety checks.

Moving into 2021 the partnership between Navitas English and Fire and Rescue NSW will continue to thrive with hopes to schedule some face to face sessions including a visit with a fire truck.

The feedback from students has been amazing with many of them thankful to have learnt new and important information. Ahlam said:

“I’ve learnt so much useful information about fire safety in the home thanks to Fire and Rescue NSW.

“Now I know how to change the batteries in my smoke detector and how to deal with different kinds of fires.”

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