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Posted by Victor Tan on 10 March 2020

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Swedish parliament delegation learn from the Navitas English experience 

In February, Swedish parliamentarians from the Committee on the labour market were hosted at Navitas English headquarters at Sydney’s Hyde Park. The group were given the opportunity to learn about Navitas English’s expertise in the delivery of Government programs including the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), Skills for Education and Employment (SEE), and Career Transition Assistance (CTA).

Of interest to the parliamentarians was the Australian experience of delivering educational services and programs assisting migrants and refugees with integration and participation into a new society and culture. This has been a topic of interest for the Swedish government due to growing migration in the country.

Australia’s experience has been built over generations by waves of immigration from all corners of the globe and is widely regarded as a leader of cross-cultural harmony.  Much of the success that Australia has enjoyed in this area has been the result of decades of experience in implementing programs that support the development of language and employability skills. A focus of these programs throughout has been to ensure that migrant communities remained connected to the larger community whilst retaining and adding to its cultural diversity.

The delegation was briefed on the Navitas English’s offering by Michael Cox, Executive General Manager of Government Services and Employment, and Jetinder Macfarlane, General Manager of Navitas English.

“Navitas English welcomed the opportunity to share decades of experience delivering essential education services to migrant and refugee communities and hopes that they may be valuable to the Swedish delegation in forming their own indigenous solutions.” Said Mr. Cox

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