Almost 70 per cent of class gain employment following course

Posted by Goverment Services on 18 October 2018

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Almost 70 per cent of students from Sydney City’s Workplace Communications for Professionals (WCP) class have gained employment within 8 weeks of completing the course.

The WCP course is part of the Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training (SLPET) program, which allows students to study English within the context of the Australian workplace. The course includes 40-60 hours of work placement, providing students with the invaluable opportunity to gain local work experience.

Fourteen out of the twenty-one students were successful in obtaining employment, while two students are continuing to develop their knowledge through further study.

Many of the students were looking for work for over 6 months before taking part in the WCP class, however the WCP class provided them with the knowledge and skills to look for work specifically in Australia where the process is unlike their native countries, helping them to not only find employment quickly but in the field of their choice.

WCP Student, Julee secured employment as a General Assistant at Whitehouse Institute of Design following her work placement.

“I joined this course to gain knowledge about Australian work culture and gain local work experience. I was a designer in India and lucky to be working in the same field. I wouldn’t have got this opportunity if it wasn’t for this course,” she said.

The SLPET program offers courses in various areas, ranging from customer service, community services, childcare and office skills. All courses provide students with knowledge on Australian workplace language, practices and culture, between two to three weeks of work placement and advice on the job seeking process from start to finish, i.e. looking for a job online and offline, writing a resume, cover letter, answering selection criteria and interview practice. Through mock interviews, students are able to develop their interviewing skills and practice all types of interview questions.

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