A helping hand for young people

While we make sure our lessons are interesting and fun, we do a lot more for young people than just sit in a classroom. We focus on how young people learn best, using the latest technology to keep them engaged, and we get out and about in the community. We mix our teaching with activities they enjoy while searching out work opportunities. Best of all, we give them a support network of people their age, and the chance to make lifelong friends.


Navitas English has a number of programs for young people, including:

  • youth classes under our Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), which give young people the chance to meet new friends, learn new skills and have a range of experiences to help them settle into their life in Australia. The program is now temporarily delivered online. For more information about youth classes, click here.
  • youth classes under the Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE), where young people can improve their skills and find work or get into further education. Students can run charity events and can take extra courses in subjects like first aid, beauty therapy, or becoming a barista. The SEE program is now temporarily delivered online. 


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