HSS services

Humanitarian Settlement Service (HSS)

Navitas English strives to provide a quality HSS (Humanitarian Settlement Services) Program. Our bilingual Caseworkers support and empower clients to access the services they need. Case management is the core of our HSS program; our service coordination, facilitation, and delivery builds our clients’ capacity to become independent members of Australian society.

In all cases, the needs of the entrants are assessed, and service delivery is determined based on these needs. As such, not all clients will receive all services under the HSS program.

Available HSS Services

The Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) program offers a range of services for eligible clients:

  • Case Management – case management plans are developed for each client or family based on their needs assessment, connecting them with other settlement, community and youth programs. In instances where a proposer, friend or relative cannot assist the client in accessing the services recommended to the client, a Caseworker may be allocated to further assist in the accessing of services.
  • Accommodation Services – clients are provided with initial short-term accommodation, assistance to source and secure suitable and affordable long-term accommodation, as well as receiving information about their rights and responsibilities as tenants. They are also provided with basic household goods, a needs-based ‘starter kit’ of furniture and other essentials. If desired, a friend, relative or proposer can also be given advice on how best to support the client in terms of accommodation.
  • Orientation Program – the orientation program provides clients with the skills and knowledge clients need to live independently in Australian society and begin the process of ‘settling in’.
  • Volunteer Assistance – volunteer assistance links clients with volunteers and volunteer groups who can provide social support and the first steps to establishing links to the local community. Volunteer assistance is provided by our Consortium partner, Mission Australia.
  • Local Area Coordination –Local area coordination involves working with agencies which provide settlement services to clients to ensure an integrated and targeted approach to services.

Basic Household Goods

Clients and families who have secured long-term accommodation may be entitled to receive Basic Household Goods (BHG), which comprises whitegoods, household furniture, kitchen goods, electronics and other items intended to help entrants start their new lives in Australia.

Once an entrant or entrant family has secured long-term accommodation, they need to contact their Case Manager. Navitas English will then carry out a needs assessment. The goods provided will be based on this needs assessment and will consist only of items the client needs; if they already have a particular item, they will not be provided with the same item.

All electronic goods are covered by a standard warranty. The warranty is managed by Leisure Coast Removals.

Settlement Grants Program

All HSS clients are eligible for further support through the Settlement Grants Program (SGP) after they exit the HSS program. The SGP aims to deliver services to assist eligible clients to become self-reliant for up to 5 years after arrival. This grants program is administered by the Department of Social Services.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services through the HSS program.

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