HSS eligibility

Humanitarian Settlement Service (HSS) Eligibility

Eligibility for Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) is based on visa category. The most up to date information on eligibility for HSS can be found at the Department of Social Services website here.

HSS services

Examples of HSS services include:

  • On arrival reception and assistance
  • Orientation program
  • Accommodation services
  • Volunteer assistance
  • Case management
  • Referrals to and coordination of other services

A full list of HSS services is available here. For information on how Navitas English offers HSS services, click here.

Meeting clients’ needs

Delivery of HSS services varies according to visa subclass category. In all cases, the needs of the entrants are assessed, and service delivery is determined based on these needs. As such, not all clients will receive all services available under the HSS program. An entrant or entrant family will receive HSS assistance only once. However, clients may also be eligible for settlement services outside the scope of HSS such as translating and interpreting or English courses.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services through the HSS program.

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