Student shares her experience studying in the SEE program

Posted by Ashley Calabria on 13 April 2017

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Prior to studying in the SEE program at Navitas English, Margaret struggled to do the most basic of tasks on a computer, however she has now completed the SEE program and her Certificate III in Aged Care.

Read her story below.

I started the SEE Course at Navitas English in 2015. When I walked into my classroom I was very nervous, as I did not know what to expect. The teacher could see that and made me feel right at home. I began doing lots of work in class. I learnt lots of things that I had not done before, like understanding maps, charts, dot plots, line, bar or column graphs and tables. I liked doing all this, as I did not know how to do them before. We also learnt how to write informal and formal letters, including cover letters.

I could not use a computer very well when I first started class. I learnt how to use Word, how to make a new folder, type a file name and save my work. I also learnt how to type correctly.

I had been attending Navitas for about 6 months when the opportunity came up for me to do the TTW Certificate III Aged Care Course. I started the Aged Care Course in April 2016 and finished in June 2016, 5 days a week. In that time I did my First Aid Certificate, learnt all about work health and safety and how to use medical equipment. I learnt about the different types of dementia and permanent care and respite care and I also completed two weeks of work experience. When I was doing the work experience I learnt lots of things that I did not know, what not to do and how to respect the clients. When I was at the nursing home, not only did I get to know the staff and meet new people I got to know the clients as well. When I finished my work experience it was sad to go.

I continued going to Navitas 3 days a week for English, then on Thursdays I went to H&H at Granville to do the second half of the Aged Care Course, including two more weeks of work experience.

I did about 10 assignments that had to be between 500 to 2000 words. This sounded hard for me but I studied all the time and it was worth it. I would go and see my teacher to have her look at my assignments. The first one I showed her had lots of spelling mistakes but as I did more, I got better.

If I did not do the SEE program at Navitas English, I would not have learnt everything that I did and then I would not have completed my Certificate III in Aged Care. I have dyslexia and I have improved greatly since I started studying at Navitas. I keep my dyslexia from everyone except my family and friends - so doing both courses was a big challenge for me but it was worth every minute.

It does not matter what the problem is if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything so that’s why I am glad I came to Navitas English.  

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