Pathways to Work Courses Lead to Confidence in the Workplace

Posted by Navitas English on 19 December 2014

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As part of the AMEP, Navitas English offers Pathways to Work courses allowing clients to study English within the context of the Australian workplace and gain valuable work experience in Australia.

The Pathways to Work courses focus on Australian workplace language, practices and culture, and incorporate industry training, work experience, assistance in preparation skills (interviews and resumes), vocational counselling and, for some courses, nationally accredited vocational training.

The courses now also include motivation and self-confidence workshops, helping our clients to make the final transition from the classroom to the workplace.

“The course was very good for me. The teachers taught me to increase my self-confidence. Now I’m not scared as I was previously. [It] changed my view of work in this country. Thank you for the effort you have made for me” Koro.

“This course is like a key which allows me to open doors. The greatest thing about this course is that we had two weeks of work experience to improve our skills.” Sich.

Eligibility and enrolment details can be found here, and you can hear more about the success stories of participants like Koro.

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