Navitas English to deliver Transition to Work for jobactive from July 1 2015

Posted by Andrea Willard on 1 July 2015

To help our partners meet the new and challenging requirements of jobactive, Navitas English has launched the Transition to Work program to assist jobactive providers respond quickly and effectively to their contractual obligations and clients’ Annual Activity Requirements (AAR).

Designed with long term outcomes in mind, the core of the Navitas English Transition to Work offering is a blend of highly relevant training and work experience placements that provide a pathway to sustainable and ongoing employment.

The opposite of “training for training’s sake” Transition to Work courses focus exclusively on developing essential workplace competencies, identifying and addressing work context specific skill gaps (including language, literacy and numeracy) which are in many cases the true barrier to sustainable employment.

Building on our experience delivering courses to more than 20,000 clients per year and drawing on a network of over 1,000 employers, selected courses will contain a work experience component that can lead immediately to ongoing employment, while building confidence, soft skills and employability.

Modelled on the Pathways to Work program that Navitas English has successfully delivered since 2009, our courses have proven results with 26% of our clients finding ongoing work within four weeks of completion and success rates as high as 75% in some areas.

Navitas English has already helped over 1,000 clients achieve stable employment and look forward to expanding this positive impact in collaboration with jobactive providers and our consortium partners.

Clients with a capacity to benefit from our courses include native English speakers and those currently engaged with or eligible for the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) programme or the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

Navitas English Transition to Work offerings will become available to eligible job seekers via their jobactive providers from July 1 2015 across our colleges servicing the following regions:

  • Sydney East Metro
  • Sydney Greater West
  • Sydney South West

For further information, please contact us on 9707 0291 or

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