Navitas Beauty Course

Posted by Andrea Willard on 30 September 2014

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Navitas Bankstown ran a Beauty theme course during the schools holiday. The college has decided on the theme to target the students’ needs based on their interests and to help students to learn some life skills that might lead to a future career. The course has attracted the attention of a big number of students from various backgrounds.


The two week course is a non-accredited certificate course. On completion of the course each student received a certificate of attendance including the list of skills and knowledge taught. The course was intensive and interactive and has been designed to provide the students with industry recognised essential skills in the shortest possible time frame.


The course consisted of two components, theory and practical. Topics covered included Skin care, Nails and Make-up. Students enjoyed learning various techniques of applying make-up and spent some time applying what they learnt on each other’s.


The course also featured a master class ran by a guest make-up artist. The workshop included Q & A sessions, teaching the underlying principles in make-up application and practical work. 

At the end of the course, a graduation session was held in the presence of the Manager and Assistant Manager. Students expressed their satisfaction with the course which has opened their eyes on new opportunities and directed them towards new choices in life and work.


“Now I know all the steps for applying make-up. It’s given me lots of confidence now that I learnt how to talk to customers and I would like to do the Beauty course at TAFE and maybe find a place for me in the beauty industry in the future” said Ailene Mamon, a very passionate and enthusiastic student.

Due to the success of this course, Navitas Bankstown has received many enquires about the course and have decided to schedule another Beauty course over January School Holiday.

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