Liverpool students visit post office for the first time

Posted by Ashley Calabria on 13 December 2016

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Liverpool College has seen an increase in SPP students from Iraq and Syria. To welcome the new students, teachers and staff at the college have been working diligently to meet students’ needs and help them to settle into the community.

As part of this initiative, Liverpool teacher, Lucia carried out a post office project for her class. The idea came to her after she discovered many of her students had never had the opportunity to visit a post office in Iraq and were interested in what a post master could do.

The two-week project incorporated a range of activities such as discussions and writing exercises on post offices, a guided tour of the local post office, writing post cards (student to student) and the practice of paying a bill at the post office. Through some creative artwork, Lucia and her students recreated a post office in the classroom and practised purchasing stamps, sending post cards and paying bills.

Students were further challenged through letter writing exercises. Upon completion of the project SPP students who were only starting to learn the alphabet were able to write letters addressed to Liverpool’s Academic Manager, sharing with her their learning experience in class and posting the letters independently.

Their hands-on learning in the post office and in class made them feel more confident, eager to progress and successfully integrate into the community, as evident from the letters written to the Academic Manager.

Liverpool Academic Manager, Lucija Medojevic said the students’ experience was overwhelmingly encouraging and they look forward to integrating a post office project into future lessons.

Student Letter

Teacher and post office box


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