Learning English at home: Distance Learning for migrants and refugees

Posted by Navitas English on 22 July 2014

Learning English helps to build confidence and the skills required to get a job, prepare for further study, understand Australian culture or to have a good conversation with friends and co-workers in Australia. Navitas English offers the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), a settlement English program providing eligible clients with free English classes. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, the program is for new migrants and those on humanitarian visas settling in Australia.

The AMEP Distance Learning program provides English lessons to clients who cannot access AMEP classes as well as clients who want to enhance their AMEP classroom learning with learning by distance. Teacher Assisted Distance Learning is a personalised program made up of online study via Skype or telephone, as well as reading, writing and speaking exercises with online materials or printed materials and CDs. Lessons are tailored to the client, allowing them to choose English that theyneed to learn.

Clients can choose to study by distance if they are unable to attend classes due to work commitments, health reasons or family responsibilities. Friendly and experienced teachers focus on providing flexible and relevant learning experiences for clients in the AMEP, with 1 hour weekly lessons. Many clients combine their distance learning with a volunteer tutor during their time in the AMEP.

The Distance Learning program allows clients to study whenever and wherever suits them, which may be while they are on their break at work, at home or even in the park. This flexibility allows clients to fit their English study in with their current life commitments.

To find out more about eligibility for the AMEP Distance Learning program you can visit your nearest AMEP centre.

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