Former Navitas English student now helps others settle into Australia

Posted by Ashley Calabria on 30 January 2017

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Jassem and his family fled Iran in 2012 in search of freedom and peace. After learning English at Navitas English Fairfield he obtained employment at Settlement Services International where he now helps other refugees.

Jassem shares his story below.

I was born in 1977, in Ahwazi and I lived in a small town called Khafajah. In 1979, when I was only 2 years old, the war destroyed any hope we had. I started hiding from fear with my large family (11 members). It took 8 years for it to fade away and after that I started going to school, I worked and studied very hard to achieve success.
Then in my teenage life I started working in a small restaurant, I wasn't receiving much money but I still worked hard. Then in 2012, we decided for a better future so we chose Australia, we also chose Australia because we wanted freedom and peace. We rode on a small boat with a huge amount of people; I remember we had only noodles and water for 3 days. It was a bumpy ride with all those waves and storms, it was a horrible experience for me but I didn't give up. I suggest you don't come by a boat because it was very dangerous!

At first it was hard understanding the traditional language which is English, but we still somehow managed it. I attended Navitas English regularly which helped me a lot. The teacher and Pathway Advisor always encouraged me to learn. I learned about the culture and lots of great information about English language skills. Now I am here with my beloved family and I'm very grateful for what God gave me! Australia is an amazing place where you can experience such fascinating places. Australia is a tropical land, full of life and hope.

I work at an organisation called Settlements Service International (SSI), I am proud for this job supporting and assisting case managers. I am really happy here because I get to also meet people who have the same background as me - being a refugee. I am happy that I get to meet multicultural people each day and learn so much from them.

I continue to live life to the fullest, I want to be useful and contribute more and develop happiness in this world by my positive attitude. I want to inspire people to join Australia as a life goal!

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