DL student finds a job in her field

Posted by Ashley Calabria on 13 October 2016

Read about AMEP Distance Learning student, Sara and how she landed a job in her chosen field.

My name is Sara and I'm from Iran. I came to Australia with my husband in January 2015. In Iran I was awarded a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Commercial Management. I worked as a Documentation Officer for an import company for two years in Iran.

When I arrived in Perth I tried to find a job in a restaurant or a cafe because my English wasn't good enough to work in my own profession. I worked full time in a cafe and I decided to improve my English by studying with Distance Learning.

I explained my situation to my DL teacher so she focused our study on the theme of work. I learned how to write a covering letter and I had to rewrite my resume according to Australian standards. We practised job interviews and we tried to think outside the box and prepare answers to possible tricky questions.

I was very motivated and after each lesson I would practise the interview with my husband. After a month of very serious preparation, I applied for a Documentation Officer job in an export company and to my surprise I was invited to an interview. I remembered everything I practised with my teacher during our DL lessons: the language, the answers, the body language and having a positive attitude. I was so happy when I was offered the job and very grateful to my DL teacher for her support.

My experience taught me that with hard work and motivation all dreams can come true. I am here in this great country, doing what I know and what I'm passionate about and contributing my skills to the society. Thanks to the AMEP DL program and to my DL teacher.

Sara, AMEP DL Student pictured above with her DL teacher

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