A student shares how Navitas English helped her to gain employment

Posted by Ashley Calabria on 1 December 2016

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Lejla moved to Australia from Bosnia in July 2015. See how Navitas English helped her to gain employment.

My name is Lejla. I came to Australia, following my heart, in July last year. Without any Australian work experience, I started to look for a job. All my applications were refused, and I didn’t know why. Where was I making mistakes? I was so desperate and I lost confidence.

After a while, I started studying the Business Administration Course at Navitas English and then I realised where I was making mistakes. I didn’t know how to write a resume, cover letter or how to represent myself.

I was so lucky, because behind me, I had a great team that supported me, the Navitas English team. They taught me how to understand Australian workplace culture and how to become a good candidate for jobs. On my graduation day, I had three job offers, and an invitation for an interview for a fourth job. One of these jobs was at the workplace where I was doing my work experience. I accepted this job offer and one more.

The most important thing is to be positive, and never think that something is unavailable. We need to be self-confident, listen to what Navitas teaches us, and turn their words into action.

Navitas English is a great platform for migrants. They give us a local education and the opportunity for local work experience.They are not only our teachers and pathway advisers but they are much more than that, they are people that have trust in us, that support us. They become our friends, part of our families. We are sharing with them all our fears, all our sufferings. They always have a nice word, relief and give us support. Just like a wind beneath our wings to glide safety into Australian work places.


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