Career Pathways Pilot Program (CPP)

Plan your career in Australia with CPP

The Australian Government has introduced a program to help people who have come to Australia on a humanitarian visa to plan their work life in their new country. Known as the Careers Pathways Pilot (CPP), Navitas English Canberra offers this program throughout the ACT.

When you first arrive in Australia, it might be difficult to find a job that matches your skills and experience. Your professional or trade skills or other qualifications might not be recognised in Australia. The CPP program can help with these issues, and you can attend at times that suit you.

The program is free* for eligible people on a humanitarian visa and there’s no time limit on how long we can support you. Also, you do not need to be unemployed to join.


Source: Department of Social Services


Who can join the CPP program?

You can take part in the CPP program if you:

  • have arrived in Australia in the last 5 years, or will arrive in Australia on a humanitarian visa (visa subclass: 200, 201, 202, 203 or 204)
  • can speak English well enough for your chosen career
  • have professional or trade skills or qualifications
  • are ready to find work in Australia.

How CPP can work for you?

With the CPP program, you will have a Case Manager working with you to:

  • plan your career in Australia
  • learn how to use your existing skills at work in Australia
  • get your qualifications recognised
  • get training to upskill or get new skills to find a job
  • reach your career goals.


What’s next?

It is easy to get started on our CPP course and plan your career in Australia:

  • book an appointment with our Employment Case Manager in Canberra on 02 8234 1490 or email
  • the Employment Case Manager will help you develop a career plan
  • the Employment Case Manager will help you apply for jobs that match your skills and experience
  • Navitas English will also support you with your career, including finding study options or work experience.


Refer someone to the CPP Program

We welcome referrals from people who work with, or know, refugees with good English and existing professional or trade skills and qualifications. To refer someone to the CPP program, please download this referral form, or get in touch with Navitas English Canberra on 02 8234 1490. You can also email us at


*The Career Pathways Pilot (CPP) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

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