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AMEP - Bấm vào đây

SLPET – Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training

Navitas offers the SLPET program (Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training) where you can study English within the context of the Australian workplace. In your SLPET course you will learn about Australian workplace language, practices and culture, gain valuable work experience and participate in vocational training.

What’s included in SLPET courses?

SLPET courses are structured as follows:

  • 140 - 160 hours of vocation-specific English language tuition,
  • 40 - 60 hours of work experience in an industry related to the course of your choice,
  • assistance with work preparation skills, for example, resume and interviewing skills,
  • vocational counselling, and
  • industry-specific units of competency from nationally accredited vocational training on some courses.

Am I eligible for SLPET?

SLPET courses are offered in addition to the 510 hours of free* English (language classes) allocated to eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants under the AMEP program. Generally, you will be eligible for a SLEPT course if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are currently enrolled in the Pre-employment English stream,
  • you have at least 1 hour of your AMEP entitlement (of 510 free* hours of English) remaining,
  • you have attended AMEP in the last 12 months,
  • you have completed 75% or more of your AMEP tuition hours (383 hours or more), or achieved ACSF Level 2 in Learning, Reading, Writing and Oral Communication, and
  • you are ready to work or study.

Participation in SLPET courses will depend on the availability of courses for the specific area of study chosen.

How to enrol in SLPET

If you are a current AMEP client with at least 1 hour of your AMEP entitlement remaining and are ready to work or go on to further study, contact us or speak to your class teacher for more information and advice.

What can I study?

SLPET courses are offered in the following areas:


SLPET courses for Term 3 – Tuesday 30th January 2018

Course Location Enrolment date & time
Childcare Navitas English Bankstown
Level 1, 2 Jacobs Street
Bankstown NSW 2200

Monday 11nd December 
2017, at 2pm

Food Handling and Barista Navitas English Liverpool
24-30 Scott Street
Liverpool NSW 2170

Wednesday 13th
December 2017, at 2pm

Customer Service

Navitas English Cabramatta
Level 1, 2 Hughes Street
Cabramatta NSW 2166

Thursday 14th December
2017, at 2pm

Office Skills  Navitas English Fairfield
6-8 Alan Street
Fairfield NSW 2165

Tuesday 12th December
2017, at 2pm

Customer Service

Navitas English Reid
Ground Floor, Block J
37 Constitution Avenue
Reid, ACT 2162

Tuesday 12th December
2017, at 2pm

Click here to download the Term 3 Course Information Sheet

Click here to download the Enrolment Form.

*Eligibility criteria apply. The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

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